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The major exhibition MY FREE COUNTRY at Maarjamäe Palace includes a playful learning environment designed for children aged 5 to 12 – CHILDREN’S REPUBLIC.

The Children’s Republic is a fun learning environment where children can playfully get to know the story and role of state symbols, attributes, authorities and so on. Based on Estonia, the organisation and functioning of a democratic state is introduced through creative display items.

In the Children’s Republic, power is in the hands of children. They can participate in the election of the next President of the Children’s Republic, greet the Prime Minister of the Children’s Republic, open ministry portfolios and be ministers themselves. In the Children’s Republic, each child can take part in law-making, establish a budget and use court scales to find balance between actions and consequences. As every child knows exactly what they want to be when they grow up, the Children’s Republic offers an opportunity to try out their dream professions. Children have a chance to make a drawing of the state they would like to live in, and when they get tired of state affairs, they can just have fun with the slide tube.

The Children’s Republic is designed as an environment for family visits, but we have also considered important educational programmes that support the national curriculum.

You will be greeted in the Children’s Republic by its friendly curious citizens Rosalie, Sander, Kerri, the Blue Lion and Shu-Shu.

Visitors to the Children’s Republic are requested to wear socks or slippers.