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Using collections

Terms and Conditions on Using the Collections

The Digital Library can be used to order digital material from the collections of the Estonian History Museum.

The collections of the Estonian History Museum are public. Researchers are usually allowed into the depository with the permission of the Head of Collections, and accompanied by a collection manager or the Head of Collections.

Artefacts and archival collections are open for researchers from Monday to Friday, 10–16.
Researchers can search the card files and materials in the artefact and archival collections by appointment with a collection manager. You can contact the collection managers by phone or e-mail. See contacts of collection managers.

To use the collections, researchers usually have to complete and sign an order form. You can also place an order accompanied with the item’s ID number by phone or e-mail at least two weekdays in advance.

Researchers should register their visit every time in the visitors’ journal.
Objects from the museum should always be handled using gloves, and entrance to the depository is only permitted with protective shoe covers.
When planning to carry out educational activities or preparing research work connected with the artefacts and archival collection of the History Museum, the educational institution concerned should submit a written application stating the time/schedule of the activities, the size of the group, the list of participants and the exact research topics.
Lending museum objects

Museum objects are lent to legal persons only, and lending is regulated by the statutes of the History Museum and the rules governing the collections of the History Museum.


A person must submit an application to borrow to the Head of Collections, in order to temporarily use a museum object.
A legal contract is drawn up for the temporary use and lending of the museum object, which is drafted in at least three copies: one for the Head of Collections,, one for the borrower and one for the collection manager.
Museum objects are usually given for temporary use and lent for a maximum of 1 year.
The museum has the right to check the condition of the museum objects.
The borrower must not preserve the museum objects or lend them to a third party.
Museum objects that are temporarily sent to a foreign country must be insured.
The borrower is obliged to refer to the Estonian History Museum when using the museum object.