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Guided tours in Maarjamäe history centre

At the Maarjamäe history centre, it is possible to book guided tours at the Estonian Film Museum and Maarjamäe Palace, as well as a tour covering the entire centre.

A guided excursion with guide outside or the History Museum of the Maarjamäe Palace Park is subject to a fee and we ask that guides please notify the museum regarding the arrival of a group at the museum, via the e-mail address: The cost per participant is EUR 3.50, which must be paid to the cashier at Maarjamäe Palace; there is no charge for the guide.


A guided tour of the Maarjamäe centre

[/toggle-title] [toggle-content]This guided tour will provide an overview of the Maarjamäe history discovery centre as a whole. Visitors will be guided through the Film Museum’s “Take ONE” exhibition, will be acquainted with Maarjamäe Palace's history, complete the short tour of the “My Free Country” exhibition and finish with a tour of the outdoor exhibition of Soviet monuments.

The duration of the guided tour is approximately 2 hours
• The prices for the guided tour:
In English, Russian and Finnish: 67 euros[/toggle-content] [toggle-title]

Maarjamäe Palace exhibition "My Free Country"

[/toggle-title] [toggle-content]

1. Short tour.

Guide tour that tells the story of the birth of the Republic of Estonia up to the modern age through significant items and events. The tour includes short introduction of the Maarjamäe Palace.

The duration of the guided tour is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour
Prices for the guided tour:

In English, Russian and Finnish: 51 euros

2. A full-length guided tour

that includes introduction of the palace. This guided tour gives an overview of the path to independence, how it was built, lost and found again. The journey starts in 1905 and ends in the future – at Neuronal Landscapes by the artists Varvara and Mari. Important events and choices made are shown through memory fragments, artefacts, film clips and the mood of the exhibition rooms.

The duration of the guided tour is approx. 1.5 hours long

Prices for the guided tour:
In English, Russian and Finnish: 56 euros[/toggle-content] [toggle-title]

Film Museum exhibition "Take ONE"

[/toggle-title] [toggle-content]This guided tour provides an overview of the various stages of film making, from film ideas to red carpet premieres. Visitors will find out about the importance of the script, sets, editing, lighting and sound when making a great film, and will listen to the stories of film makers and actors. In the magical room of illusions, it is possible to get hands-on experience of the machines that were used to create moving images before the advent of cameras.

  • The duration of the guided tour is approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Prices for the guided tour:
In English, Russian and Finnish: 51 euros[/toggle-content] [toggle-title]

“Memorial Walk” tour

[/toggle-title] [toggle-content]The unique memorial park established in the environs of the Estonian History Museum at Maarjamäe Palace tells the story of the rise and fall of the Soviet regime in Estonia and is a memorial to its victims. The memorial walk begins in Maarjamäe Palace monument park where 21 statues from the Soviet era confront one another. These are monuments to those who laid the foundations for the regime of terror and were true believers in communism, some died at the hands of their own comrades and others, through their deaths, became Soviet legends. The walk continues to the large scale Memorial to the Victims of Communism opened on 23 August 2018, and then to the cemetery and memorial park, which was created in 1940. There is also a 36-metre obelisk constructed in 1960 in memory of the Ice Cruise of the Baltic Fleet in 1918 and a memorial, opened in 1975, in honour of those who died for the Soviet cause, and a memorial plaque in the German military cemetery, which was created in 1997–1998. The memorial walk ends at Maarjamäe Palace, but you can agree with the museum for the walk to end near the Memorial to the Victims of Communism.

Duration of tour approximately 1.5 hrs
Tour price (incl. tax) in English: 67 euros
Ticket fee 3.50 euros will be added to the price of the guided tour.[/toggle-content]
  • The maximum number of participants is 25.
  • Admission fee will be added to the price of the guided tour.
  • Guided tours should be booked at least 5 days in advance.

To book a guided tour, please fill in this form.

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