On the 7th of October 2023, TIFS (Tallinn International Film Society) started its activity.

The aim is to introduce Estonian history, culture, traditions, way of life and mind through movies to audiences from varying countries and ethnicities.

The films will be with English subtitles and in addition to the screenings, there will be discussion forums, mini-lectures and Q&A sessions with professionals from different sectors, who will help to explore the topics, background and themes of the films.

The TIFS program is curated by Tristan Priimägi, an award-winning film critic, journalist and author of the book “101 Estonian Films”.

The tickets also provide FREE access to the exhibition “My free country” in Estonian History Museum in Maarjamäe castle, where the audience can further examine and explore the topics covered in the film.

  • TIFS spring season 2024 program:
17.02.24 - "November"
- Stolen Meeting
20.04.24 - Lilja 4-ever
11.05.24 - Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

21.05 Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

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  • TIFS autumn season 2023 program:
7.10.23 Soft and cold: soft power in the service of cold war. “Disco and Atomic War” dir. Jaak Kilmi
25.11.23 Serving stereotypes: The eastern European identity post-Soviet Union. “Autumn ball” dir. Veiko Õunpuu
16.12.23 From Union to Union: early eurosceptics in Estonian animation. “Hotel E” dir. Priit Pärn + “Cabbage Head” and “Cabbage Head 2 or back to Europe” dir. Riho Unt

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