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The Estonian History Museum has recently updated the permanent exhibition at the Great Guild Hall, introducing a selection of rare artefacts associated with extraordinary legends on the underground floor of the building. Taking centre stage within the exhibition is a bottle containing a hidden letter from 1827 that was discovered during the renovation of the Tallinn Town Hall Pharmacy.

The concept of the museum stems from people’s fascination with extraordinary items. Even the oldest collections at the Estonian History Museum were assembled by the Baltic Germans, who, driven by curiosity and a deep appreciation for culture, began preserving ancient and unusual curiosities, eager to share them with friends. These objects were regarded as exceptional due to the prominence of their owners, the remarkable circumstances of their origin or discovery, or the peculiarity of their materials or purposes.

The Chamber of Legends offers an array of rarities associated with legendary merchant and craft organisations, such as the chalice of the Tallinn coffin makers and the official staff of the Tartu carriage makers. Also on display are curious everyday items and precious possessions from the households of both well-known and lesser-known citizens. Among these treasures, visitors can find a gold and silver wine jug, a fun-house mirror equipped with a magnifying glass, a magnificent chamber pot, and a bounty of other astonishing objects discovered within thick historical walls and deep underground. These old artefacts might give visitors some useful new ideas, for instance, how to keep their beds and toes warm or how to enjoy a drink without getting their moustache wet.

A total of 88 rarities are on display in the Chamber of Legends, some of which are being revealed to the public for the first time.


Curators: Anne Ruussaar and Maia Madar

Project manager: Triin Kerge
Artist: Aime Andresson
Conservators: Liisu Ristal and Theodora Kormpaki
Technical design: Koit Annus and Riho Ints

Author of photos: Vahur Lõhmus