Ordering copies

  • Making moulds of objects is agreed upon separately for each item.
  • The digital copies and photographs of museum objects are made and taken at the Estonian History Museum. 
  •  Lending museum objects for making copies or filming outside of the museum premises is only permitted in exceptional circumstances by special permission from the Head of Collections and in the presence of a museum employee.
  •  Ordering and receiving image files of museum objects generally takes place through the Digital Library of the Estonian History Museum. 
Paper materials up to A3 in size will be scanned.
Objects and paper materials larger than A3 in size will be photographed.


The Digital Library is a web environment of the Estonian History Museum, providing easy access to the museum’s digital collections and order forms. From the Digital Library, you can find:
  •  photographs and digital reproductions of museum objects;
  • photographs, audio and video recordings of the events and exhibitions held at the Estonian History Museum. Have a closer look HERE!

If no images exist of the desired museum objects, you can complete an order form for digitisation works so that images can be created. Orders for digitisation works will be completed within a period of two weeks. Larger and more complex orders are completed according to a separate agreement. You will be notified when the files are ready and available in the Digital Library. Cf: Order form for digitisation works.
If you have placed an order for existing print files through the Digital Library of the Estonian History Museum, you will be given the right to download the requested files after the invoice has been paid, or on the following weekday at the latest.


  •  Upon publishing the image, the user must include a reference to the known author of the original work in its caption or reference and, in the case of a photograph of a museum object, a reference to the collection of the Estonian History Museum with the collection ID.
  • The user is responsible for compliance with the Copyright Act.
  •  The user can download the ordered print files from the Digital Library of the Estonian History Museum within 14 days of receiving the download right.
  •  If the conditions of use are not adhered to, the Estonian History Museum has the right to refuse future service to the user.
PRICE LIST (prices including VAT)

Digitisation 2.40 EUR / 1 file
Print file TIF (original size) 3.60 EUR / 1 file
Print file JPG (longer side 2480 pixels) 1.80 EUR/ 1 file
Complete digitisation of an artefact into a PDF-file 3.00 EUR + 0.30 EUR/ 1 pg
If the digitisation work user wishes to obtain a TIF-file in its original size, the fee for one file is a total of 6.00 EUR (2.40 EUR for digitisation + 3.60 EUR for the TIF-file).

Digitisation works and JPG-files are free of charge for public institutions and contractual partners of the Estonian History Museum.