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История здания Большой гильдии

Welcome to the Great Guild Building, where you can immerse yourself in a modern museum environment and visit exhibitions, as well as take part in educational programs and master classes!
The Great Guild building of the Estonian History Museum has been awarded the European Cultural Heritage label.
The medieval building of the Great Guild is located in the Old Town of Tallinn, in close proximity to the Town Hall Square.
Phone: (+372) 6968 693
Box office: (+372) 6968 690
Entrance to C. Petenberg's wine shop in the basement of the Great Gild Hall building. Photo: J. Rambach, 1920s. Photo collection of the Estonian History Museum

In 2014, the Great Guildhall was among the first to be awarded the new European Cultural Heritage Mark . To receive the mark, two important conditions must be met - the object must be of great importance from the point of view of European history and culture, and also express the idea of ​​European integration.

Considering the application of the Estonian History Museum, the jury noted that the medieval building of the Great Guild and the connection of merchants with the Hanseatic League is a good example of medieval European integration. The role of the merchant guild and its building in European history can be learned from the permanent exhibition of the Estonian History Museum