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The Universe of Sleep. The Tower of Dreams
Teatri- ja muusikamuuseum
The Universe of Sleep. The Tower of Dreams
24.5.2023 - 7.1.2024

Exhibition "The Universe of Sleep. The Tower of Dreams" 

The dreams that the night theatre performs for us are truly one of a kind. In them, the dreamer can simultaneously take the role of the protagonist, author and viewer. While scientists already know a lot about sleep and dreams, still many things about dreams remain beyond our grasp. This makes dreams an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creative people. 

The exhibition "The Tower of Dreams" explores the connections between dreams and creativity. Do creative people have more unique dreams or are dreams themselves the source of creativity? We will take you to the tower of dreams, where people working in theatre will share their dream stories with you, amazing you, frightening you, making you smile and creating a sense that the world is bigger than it normally seems.

Sharing their dream stories are Mari Möldre, Ants Eskola, Linda Rummo, Mikk Mikiver, Voldemar Panso, Rudolf Allabert, Kadri Tamberg-Lipping, Harriet Toompere, Katrin Pärn, Kersti Heinloo and Raho Aadla

Curator: Annely Kaldoja 

Dramatist: Mihkel Seeder 

Spatial design: Kristjan Suits 

Composer: Markus Robam 

Graphic design: Ranno Ait (WWW Stuudio) 

Language editing: Hille Saluäär

Translation: Epp Aareleid, Maria Vassiljeva

Project managers: Sirli Oot, Herke Kukk, Kristi Leps

Conservators: Theodora Kormpak, Liisu Ristal

Collection managers: Maia Madar, Marika Palu, Simmo Priks

Technical design: Kujunduskuur OÜ, Koit Annus, Riho Ints

Communication and marketing: Helene Tedre, Krista Arro, Sigrid Huik

Many thanks to: Külli Tüli (ERR), Maarja Vaino (Tallinn Literature Centre), Kärt Tomingas, Anneli Saro, Kene Vernik

"The Sleep Universe" is a collaborative project between three museums that offers visitors the unique opportunity to visit several sleep-themed exhibitions. The first exhibition, which opened at the Health Museum on 14 April, explores sleep and sleeping. "The Tower of Dreams" at the Theatre and Music Museum will be followed in October by an exhibition at the Museum of Applied Art and Design on the time and space devoted to sleep.