Temporary exhibitions
Suurgildi hoone
Until October 11th 2020

The singer and actor Georg Ots (1920–1975) touched millions of people living in no less than a sixth of the planet with his talent and charm. In Estonia he was held in high esteem, in Russia and Finland he was adored. The political situation at the time, primarily the constraints of the Iron Curtain, and Ots’ humble character held him back from conquering the rest of the world. Those who have witnessed his talent – whether via radio or television, opera and operetta or film – unanimously agree that Ots was already a legend during his own lifetime.

Now, a century after Ots was born is the perfect time to ask what remains of the legend after his death? What place did Ots hold and does he continue to hold in people’s hearts? The exhibition looks at the significance of Georg Ots through the eyes of his contemporaries and invites us to contemplate his contribution and place in our culture.

Curators: Annely Kaldoja, Marika Palu, Mari-Leen Tammela
Artist: Kristjan Suits (Tallinn City Theatre)
Graphic design: Katre Rohumaa (Tallinn City Theatre)
Playwright: Kristiina Jalasto (Tallinn City Theatre)
Project manager: Cäroly Anton
Museum’s artist: Aime Andresson
Education programmes: Anu Kohal, Anu Liho
Editor: Helen Männik (Tallinn City Theatre)
Technical support: Taavi Tuisk
Conservators: Tiina Sakermaa, Theodora Kormpaki
Production and construction: Random Solutions OÜ
Support: Laura Kipper, Helene Tedre, Seidi Raid, Simmo Priks, Krista Sarv, Ruth Laidvee, Madis Mikkor, Mart Laul, Toomas Uljas

Thanks to: the family and friends of Georg Ots (special thanks to Arne Mikk), Kulle Raig, GOSPA Hotel, Tallinn City Theatre