Author: Eesti Ajaloomuuseum
Renovated Maarjamäe Palace is opened for visitors

The Estonian History Museum opened the major exhibition "MY FREE COUNTRY " at Maarjamäe Palace in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. The display was officially opened by the President of the Republic of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid.

The exhibition "My Free Country" takes the visitor on a journey through a hundred years, from the birth of the Republic of Estonia to the present day.

Many people in Estonia still remember the days of the Singing Revolution and when Heinz Valk exclaimed: “One day, no matter what, we will win!” The exhibition in the Museum describes the journey the Estonian people took to independent statehood and how the republic was built up, lost and found again. The exhibition starts in 1905 and arrives in the future with the installation “Neuronal Landscapes” by artist duo Varvara&Mar.

Important events and decisions unfold through fragments of memory, objects and film stills as well as through the different moods of the exhibition rooms. At different times, people in Estonia have had to make various decisions, some more difficult than others. At other times, they just did their best to survive the hardships. Visitors are able to experience each historical period through various engaging activities. In this way, they can experience what it might have been like to read out the manifest of independence from the balcony of the Endla Theatre, ride a bicycle in the past, take a few dance steps in the 1920s, stand in the Baltic Way etc.

As a gift for children in the centenary of the Republic of Estonia, a fun learning environment combines the real world with a fantasy world. The Children’s Republic is inhabited by its citizens, the Childonians, as well as the Blue Lion and his friends. They all have a common goal of building up an enjoyable country.

The former summer hall of the palace has been redecorated, although the monumental painting Friendship of Nations is still on display. The painting was made by Evald Okas in 1987 for the History and Revolution Museum of the Estonian SSR.
In addition to the palace, the Maarjamäe History Centre welcomes visitors to the Estonian Film Museum in the palace park and the children’s playground. You can enjoy a refreshing repast in the atmosphere of the palace restaurant with its sea view and later purchase beautiful souvenirs from the museum store.

Discover history’s stories at the Maarjamäe History Centre!