Author: Eesti Ajaloomuuseum
Euro-Visual! Exhibition of Estonian costumes for the Eurovision Song Contest is open from 15 May to 1 September

The exhibition presents a selection of Estonia’s Eurovision stage costumes. Some of them have seen the Eurovision finals, some are familiar from the Estonian semi-finals and the Eesti Laul. This year will be the 25th time Estonia is taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest, the biggest TV show in the world! Music and costumes have always gone hand in hand. Sometimes, the performer’s appearance is as important as the melody, harmony and lyrics of the song. Enjoy the beauty of these costumes but remember to appreciate the songs which have introduced Estonia to Europe!

Curator: Risto Lehiste

Designer: Aime Andersson

Costume arrangement: Tiina Sakermaa, Theodora Kormpaki

The exhibition is open from 15 May to 31 August.

Thank you for all your donations, to Sandra Sersant for the exhibition concept, to Juhan Paadam and Mart Normet for their kind advice, and the Estonian Public Broadcasting for the photos and videos!