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Varia historica VII. Eestimaa Provintsiaalmuuseum ja muuseumitraditsiooni algus Eestis
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Muuseumipoes on saadaval Eesti Ajaloomuuseumi artiklite kogumik "Eestimaa Provintsiaalmuuseum ja muuseumitraditsiooni algus Eestis" (Varia historica VII).

Varia historica VI. Monetary history of the Baltics in the Middle-Ages (12-16th c.)

The collection includes 16 research articles based on presentations given during the international symposium on monetary history in the Baltics in the Middle Ages in December 2010 in Tallinn. The articles in the 224-page peer-reviewed collection are in English or German and include a summary in Estonian. The collection of articles includes numerous illustrations and is an interesting read not only for true coin collectors, but everyone interested in history and money.

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