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The Digital Library is a publically available web environment where you can find image, audio and video files from exhibitions and events at the Estonian History Museum, as well as the museum's collections.

Currently, the Digital Library has close to 3,600 files of museum exhibitions and events and 13,400 files of material from the museum's collections. Sound and video files will soon also be available. The information is updated daily and the images of exhibits are supplied with information from the Estonian Museum Information System – MulS.

The Digital Library now makes it easier to order digital material from The Estonian History Museum. If you wish to place an order for a copy of an artefact, a photograph or document this will be uploaded to the Digital Library environment, where it will also become available for others. If the image is to be used for commercial purposes then the right to download must be paid for according to the museum's price list.

The link to the DIGITAL LIBRARY's digital archive can be found HERE
Come and look! The Digital Library is in Estonian and English.