Author: Eesti Ajaloomuuseum
Outdoor exhibition of ethnic minorities "Merry Christmas! Роштува мархта! YENI ILINIZ MÜBARÄK! Выль арен! С Рождеством Христовым!"

Outdoor exhibition of ethnic minorities called Merry Christmas! Роштува мархта! YENI ILINIZ MÜBARÄK! Выль арен! С Рождеством Христовым! is open in Börsi Passage at the Estonian History Museum and remains on view 17 December 2017 ‒ 15 January 2018.

The Estonian History Museum, in co-operation with the cultural societies of ethnic minorities living in Estonia, has opened an exhibition on the Christmas traditions of different ethnic minorities in Börsi Passage in the Old Town of Tallinn. The exhibition will remain open until 15 January 2018.

During the exhibition, 15 fir trees will be placed in Börsi Passage and decorated by the different ethnic groups living in Estonia. Information in Estonian, English and Russian introducing the customs of each group will be placed on every tree. Visitors can read basic information about the meaning of different cultural traditions and symbols.

The fir trees were decorated by the Georgian House of Cultural Societies in Estonia, Azerbaijan Cultural Centre of Estonia, Lüüra International Association of Cultural Heritage Societies, Estonian Belarusian Association, Raduga Union of National Minorities, Estonian-Mordvin Society, ZlAata Education and Publishing Cultural Centre, Natalja Jampolskaja, Mihály Munkácsy Estonian Hungarian Association, Oshmes Udmurt Society,  Erzya Culture Society Sjatko, Mordovian Culture Society Jalgai and the Estonian Ukranian Congress. 

The Estonian History Museum project looks at the multifaceted nature of society and wishes to give ethnic minorities and new immigrants living in Estonia the opportunity to further highlight their voice and cultural space in society.

The aim of the Estonian History Museum is to make visitors aware of the existence of
different communities in Estonia and introduce their cultural traditions.

The project is supported by: Estonian Ministry of Culture, Integration Foundation, State Forest Management Centre, Tallinn Centre District Administration, Tallinn Municipal Services Department, Cultural Endowment of Estonia.